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Some people dream of a brighter future. We make it happen.


Professional firework displays are a great idea for a company party, providing a impressive finale to the experience and diversity to the corporate entertainment. A spectacular firework display will provide magic and sparkle to your corporate event, whether it’s a Summer Ball, Christmas Party, Company Anniversary, or the Big Grand Opening. As with all of our professional firework displays, the shows can be choreographed to music.



Professional fireworks displays are a magical experience that inspire. Firework displays have an enduring appeal and can draw large audiences. Thoughtful display design and choreography add a connection on an artistic level. It’s no surprise that so many Canadian public celebrations traditionally end with a firework display.



Your wedding firework display should be one of the most unforgettable elements of your wedding entertainment. We specialize in custom fireworks displays. We ensure fireworks on your wedding day are memorable. We take care of everything for you from Start to Finish. Our wedding Packages are custom built for each client. We design the display with your venue and preferences in mind, on the day of your wedding…we make the magic happen.

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