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Training and Certification


The ERD (Explosives Regulatory Division) has approved a select number of experienced, qualified Trainers to provide the Safety and Legal Awareness Courses and Roy Nelson, of Emerald City Fireworks Ltd., is honoured to be one of them.  



Love the large Firework Displays on Canada Day? Take your first step into the world of Professional Display Fireworks through this safety awareness course.

Upon successful completion of the course, students will have the opportunity to work with Display Firework companies to become a full Fireworks Supervisor!


If this interests you please contact us and we will send you a schedule for the course dates.



Minimum age to attend the course is 18.


There is a test at the end of the course that you must pass to apply for your certification.


The course is required for anyone wanting to work as a Display Fireworks Assistant. This course also covers the certification for AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and is excellent training for law enforcement officials and fire prevention personnel.


The course fees are:


$100.00   Safety and Legal Awareness Course


With an additional $100.00 ERD Processing fee for the Fireworks Operators Certification (participants will include this with their application after successful completion of course)


Once you have taken the Safety and Legal Awareness course you will receive a certificate of completion, and you will be able to apply to the ERD for your Fireworks Operator Certificate. Please refer to the Using Display Fireworks web pages for further details regarding the various levels of certification.


Using Display Fireworks – Overview:


Planning, setting up and firing fireworks affect public safety and thus a degree of apprenticeship is essential before an individual can be certified as a Fireworks Supervisor. Anyone who handles Display Fireworks must be at least a Display Assistant.

In order to upgrade from Display Assistant to Display Supervisor, an individual will need to have assisted with a minimum of 3 shows under a Lead Supervisor.


Certification is divided as follows:


1. Display Assistant – can assist and work under the direct supervision of a certified Display Supervisor. Completion of the Display Fireworks Safety and Legal Awareness Course is mandatory prior to certification.


2. Display Supervisor – can act as Lead Supervisor in Charge of displays that use Display Fireworks. Shells used must not be over 155 mm (6”) and the display must be fired from solid ground or ice. They are also responsible for the training and supervising of Display Assistants.


3. Display Supervisor with Endorsements – can act as Lead Supervisor in Charge of displays that use the types of effects or fire from various firing locations as specified in the endorsement. They are also responsible for training and supervising of Display Assistants and Display Supervisors. 



Large shells – over 155 mm (6”)                   

Flying Saucer                                                      

Nautical Effects

Floating Platforms Firing

Rooftop, Bridge and Flatbed Firing

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